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1600mm wide rewinding/laminating machines.
For winding long and short length tape.
Adding film release liners.
Creating new tapes or other constructions by laminating products together.

Log slitters and rewind slitters.
Allows product to be slit to order at almost any width.
We have slit as narrow as 1.6mm.
Can supply most products up to 1 or 1.5 metres wide.

Rotary diecutters capable of producing highly accurate shaped components
Flatbed machines for prototyping and short runs
Can add tabs, dry edges, butterfly release, sprocket holes
Components for hand or machine application

We can produce sheets of most of our products.
From A4 size to graphic standard 1000 x 700mm.
Supply in modest quantities.


slit log roll Log slitting to produce narrow width rolls in any width even in small quantities.
Slit rolls Rewind slitting to produce very accurate long length or wide width rolls.
slit rolls Narrow slit rolls ready for packing.
Log stock Our stock of product logs ready for processing.
Log stock Examples of part finished product logs with added film and paper liners ready for slitting.
diecuts Rotary diecutter producing accurate shaped bonding components.
Bobbin equipment Long length bobbin equipment.
Packing area Packaging the days orders ready for carrier collection.

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