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Technibond are an official supplier of ISO-Chemie expanding foam tape sealants and humidity regulating window connection foils.  These products have been designed specifically for the building industry and to help companies achieve compliance with the increasingly stringent Part L UK building regulations for new build and building renovation.


 ISO-BLOCO 600 is an expanding foam tape sealant offering:

  • ISO-BLOCO 600Compliance with the latest European regulations DIN EN 18542 (2009) BG 1 and DIN 18055
  • Classification as fire resistant to DIN 4102 B1 standard
  • Protection against driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pascal (equivalent to Beaufort wind force 11 - violent storm)
  • Vapour permeable foam possessing outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics.

For further information please see our ISO-BLOCO 600 technical information sheet.

 For installation instructions click here for our installation guide.


ISO-CONNECT Vario SD is a humidity regulating window connection foil that:

  • ISO-CONNECT Vario SDPrevents air leakage while allowing water vapour to pass into the building during the summer months and out of the building during the winter months
  • Provides a joint seal according with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows, doors and panels.
  • Complies with the recommendations of the RAL quality assurance association for windows and doors.

For further information please see our ISO-CONNECT Vario SD technical information sheet

 Application of ISO-CONNECT Vario SD
Application of ISO-CONNECT Vario SD to a window frame.

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