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A successful project depends on accurate input

A successful project depends on accurate input. Read these guidelines so you can present the best information to your potential suppliers.

1) What is the application?

Describing the application may answer some of the later questions. The supplier may well have experience of other similar applications, and this means you can avoid problems that have been seen before. Or it may be a completely new challenge!   Consider whether the adhesive needs to be permanent, removable or is for temporary positioning.  

2) What are the two materials being bonded?

Please try to answer:  "what sort of plastic?", "what sort of rubber?", "what sort of paint?" Get as much detail as possible, it really does help. If you only know the product by a trade name, try to get hold of a data sheet, if not your supplier will be able to look this up.

This information will tell your supplier most of the following:

  • Whether the two materials are rigid, semi-rigid or flexible (this will determine whether you should use a foam tape of a thin tape)
  • Whether the surfaces of the materials are likely to be smooth or rough (this will determine the adhesive coatweight and tack required)
  • The chemistry of the surface; whether it is high, medium or low surface energy (this will determine the adhesive type required)
  • Whether the material is likely to be plasticized or contaminated (this will also influence the adhesive type)

3) What are the environmental conditions?

There are two sets of conditions to consider: the conditions under which the tape is applied, and the conditions under which it is used. Consider the following:

  • Is it used Indoor or outdoor?
  • Is it exposed to UV light, water or solvents?
  • What is the lowest temperature under which the tape may be applied?
  • What is the lowest and highest temperature in use and is it short term or long term?

4) Your production conditions

You want to maximize your production efficiency and minimize production costs so:

  • Is it to be machine applied or hand applied?
  • In your own factory or subcontracted or by outworkers?
  • Is it a high volume application where spools may be appropriate?
  • Is it for component assembly where die-cut parts may be appropriate?

If you have any new project in mind, then please call one of our experts on 01628 642800, and they will run through the above questions, and help make sure there is nothing you’ve overlooked. In this way you’ll end up with a tape that is fit for purpose, and you can rest assured that you won't be paying more than is necessary.  

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