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Technibond has been supplying foam tape for PVC door manufacture for nearly 25 years - as long as the industry has existed. We were there at the beginning, and we pioneered the use of tape for this application. And our products are still the best, as we continually develop our products as customer needs change.

How to overcome the problem with woodgrain doors

Thermal movement of PVC and ABS door panels has a well recorded problem that has often caused problems with the bond/seal around the double glazed unit, particularly with woodgrain doors.  The problems occur when the outer skin of the door is exposed to direct sunlight and heats up and the door skin expands.  However the foam/wood core of the door prevents the heat from reaching the internal skin.  The internal skin does not heat up and expand, resulting in the door bowing during direct exposure to sunlight during the summer months. When the doors bow the glazed unit remains rigid, which exerts a significant peel force on the adhesive foam tape holding the glazed unit in place. This can result in the tape peeling away from the either the glass or door skin.  The double sided foam tape can never remain bonded for any significant time if the gap between the two surfaces is greater than the tape thickness.

red rollTechniflexTHB is designed to overcome this problem.  It is an acrylic mass tape that does not have a polyethylene foam carrier.  Therefore it has an extremely high degree of conformability.  As a result, the tape will conform and stretch with the movement in the door, remaining bonded at all times.

Techniflex THB also has the ability to self-amalgamate.  This ensures a watertight seal at mitres and joins in the tape around the glazed unit, eliminating the need for silicone capping.

We also recommend the following tapes:

  • HSA Our original High Shear Acrylic, but better than ever.
  • HPA Our new range and our most economical performance tape.

All of our tapes are normally supplied with our own Production Aid Film Liner to enable the tape to be applied around curves and ensure the glazed unit is correctly positioned first time.