Christmas trees are not just about hanging lights and decorations. They can be tapped for some useful solutions. For more about this and some other Christmas trivia (e.g. taking the long way round to Quebec, getting football taped and keeping a big person in suspense)

First, the Christmas tree facts...

Most adhesives used for pressure sensitive tapes are compounded from a rubber or acrylic elastomer and a tackifying resin. While many resins are oil derived, some manufacturers still stick to the tradition of using resins from pine trees (apologies for the pun, but you’ll probably find worse in most Christmas crackers). Also unlike oil derived resins, the pine derived varieties are sustainable.

For instance, wood rosin and its derivatives are made from the stumps of pine trees, while polyterpines used in some adhesives are produced from distilling turpentine from pine trees. As well as providing these benefits, not to mention carrying out its Christmas tree duties, the useful pine tree also produces resins for chewing gum, cosmetics and anti-slip applications.

And now the titillating Technibond tape trivia....

  • Technibond sells over 28,052 miles (45,146 Km) of roll and bobbin format tape per year. By contrast, the circumference of the Earth is a mere 24,901 miles (40,075 Km). This means our tapes could go round the world from London back to London and there’d still be enough left on the spools to reach Quebec.
  • Technibond sells enough double sided tape each year to cover 66 football pitches.
  • The narrowest rolls slit by Technibond are only 1.3mm wide and almost transparent.
  • A 100mm x 100mm pad of Technibond HSHT (High Shear High Tack) correctly applied could suspend a 15 stone person. Please do not try this at home, especially after Christmas dinner!