Techniflex THB Pads

Thick clear acrylic tapes such as Technibond THB and 3M 4910F are particularly difficult products to make into diecuts and pads. The problem is that because the products are a solid adhesive mass, the cut edges are tacky and the adhesive will bond together very quickly if the two cut edges come back into contact. This has meant that and butt cut pads on a roll have been near impossible. Pads could only be made by diecutting and removing a waste matrix. Our diecut pads look fantastic, but the additional waste adds to the product cost and the expensive tooling means the technique is not very flexible or suitable for short runs.

Technibond have now cracked the problem! A combination of product development along with new production techniques now enables us to produce Technibond THB butt cut pads on a roll economically and in a huge range of sizes to suit your application.

Techniflex Diecuts with easy release

Techniflex THB Pads

Techniflex diecuts not only look fantastic, they are powerful and versatile "glue shapes" for improving and speeding up many assembly processes. The one limiting factor, caused by the strength of the adhesive, has been that the release film could be slightly difficult to remove, slowing down your production. Until now.

We have now developed a release film specially for Techniflex diecuts that gives fast, clean and easy removal. Using Techniflex diecuts is now faster and easier than ever, so you now get all the advantages of using bespoke diecuts that match the shape of your parts, with none of the disadvantages.

Typical applications for these diecuts are bonding logos and shapes to signs, bonding automotive components, bonding electronic components and many more.

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