Techniflex THB for Glazing uPVC Door Panels


Double sided tapes are widely used for bonding the double glazed window unit to the door skin. In the past a common problem particularly with woodgrain effect door panels has been caused by thermal expansion. Due to the dark colouration of the panel the door tends to absorb the energy from the sunlight rather than reflect it like a white door. This results in the woodgrain effect panel heating up. The build up of heat in the door causes the external skin to expand. The internal door skin generally remains cool, due to the high thermal insulation properties of the foam and wood core of the door. The differing rates of thermal expansion between the internal and external door skins results in the door warping and bowing. As the double glazed unit is rigid, it will not flex with the door skins it is bonded to when the door warps. This exerts a significant peel force on the adhesive tape. If the distance between the glass and the door skin increases beyond the thickness of the tape, the tape will peel away from either the glass or the door skin (see figure 1) resulting in possible water ingress.

The Techniflex THB is a solid mass of adhesive and works in a different way to the foam tapes. Rather than using cohesive strength to hold the glass and panel together during thermal expansion of the PVC, the Techniflex stretches and remains bonded without peeling away from either substrate (see figure 2). This ensures a water seal is maintained and the glazed unit remains securely bonded.

door tape

The Techniflex THB’s flexible natural also makes the product ideal for glazing units with tight radii and the ability to amalgamate eliminates the need for silicone sealant.


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