Technibond HSA

"High Shear Acrylic"

Cars, doors, windows, external signage, roofs … you name it, Technibond HSA provides high performance adhesion and proven reliability…


PVC Door Panels

Technibond HSA is used for glazing the windows into uPVC door panels because:

  • It bonds strongly to glass and to uPVC.
  • It can resist the weight loading of the double-glazed window without needing further support.
  • It resists long term exposure to the elements, retaining a strong bond and seal under adverse conditions.
  • It withstands the high temperature that a dark coloured door skin can reach when exposed to the sun.

Timber and uPVC Window Bars

Technibond HSA is the best product for fixing window bars to glass because:

  • It bonds strongly to glass, uPVC and painted wood.
  • It withstands long term exposure to water and UV light, and will not yellow.
  • It withstands the movement caused by thermal and hygroscopic changes.
  • It can be used on Pilkington ActivTM Glass

Automotive Badges and Trims

Technibond HSA is used for mounting trims, and badges on car bodies because:

  • It resists the high temperatures that a dark car in full sun can reach.
  • It resists the coldest temperatures without becoming brittle.
  • It resists petrol, diesel, oil and cleaning fluids as well as water.
  • The strong but flexible foam conforms easily to curved body parts.

Outdoor Signs

Technibond HSA is used for making and mounting a wide range of signs because:

  • It resists weather and lasts the lifetime of the sign.
  • It bears the weight of heavy metal signs, and the strain of wind loading.
  • It is chemically inert and will not affect sensitive plastics such as acrylic
  • It resists the high temperatures that a sign in full sun can reach

Refrigerated Vehicle Internal Bump Strips

Technibond HSA is used in this and other commercial vehicle applications because:

  • It provides extremely strong metal to metal bonds.
  • It supports heavy loading and constant flexing.
  • It resists water and high temperatures, and can be steam cleaned.
  • It retains its flexibility and bond strength at low temperatures.

Conservatory Roof Bonding

  • Technibond HSA is used for bonding and sealing conservatory roofs because:
  • It has the adhesive and shear strength to resist large thermal movements.
  • It has the foam strength to hold the roof against large wind forces.
  • It is chemically inert and will not affect polycarbonate.
  • It resists UV light without yellowing or becoming brittle.

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