The Benefits of Using Technibond HSA

HSA is used in a wide variety of applications where high performance is required. By high performance we mean one or more of the following conditions:

High Temperature

Particularly where the tape has to withstand temperatures above about 70oC, but HSA will even show benefits above 40oC.

The HSA adhesive itself performs up to at least 150oC (much more for short term exposure). Like all PE foam tapes, the maximum temperature of the whole tape is limited by the foam. This means that even close to its upper temperature limit HSA retains very good performance, when many tapes are marginal . We regularly test high temperature shear in our laboratory, and no comparable tape out-performs Technibond HSA.

Low Temperature

Surprisingly to most people, the rather "dry" pure acrylics also perform better at very low temperatures, eg below -30oC, where many adhesives become brittle.

Once bonded, HSA can be used in refrigerated and freezer conditions and in the coldest climates. It will for instance pass the automotive "cold slam" test at -40oC.

High Loading

Moderate or high loads over a long period where other adhesives will gradually flow

Low to moderate loads in combination with higher temperatures.

We extensively research shear performance, because this is the most important property for long term holding. We test at different temperatures, different loads, and over long time periods. HSA is the best product for load bearing under most conditions, particularly at higher temperatures.

Outdoor Exposure

Long term exposure to the damaging effects of water and UV light.

We have performed many weathering tests on HSA both outdoors and in our weathering machine, which greatly accelerates the damaging effects of UV light and water. These tests typically run for several months, equivalent to many years of natural weathering. In this same time we generally destroy materials such as conservatory roof sheeting, uPVC profiles and many coatings - so HSA will usually outlast the components it is bonded to.

Solvent Resistance

Exposure to oil, petrol, diesel and cleaning solvents

Our HSA tape uses a cross linked pure acrylic adhesive that has excellent solvent resistance (see the section About the HSA Adhesive). It has been tested for resistance to a wide variety of the solvents used in many different industries, including automotive test solvents such as petrol and SPB 3 fluid.

Chemical Stability

Will not affect sensitive plastics - Acrylic, Polycarbonate

Will not affect Pilkington ActivTM Glass

Virtually no long term degradation

Technibond have had HSA independently tested by a number of companies to ensure its full compatibility with some of the more sensitive substrates that adhesive tapes can damage. The testing has included:
Polycarbonate (Lexan) tested by G.E. Plastics, a substrate widely used in the glazing of conservatory roofs and skylights.
Acrylic sheet (Perspex) tested by , a material widely used in the sign industry
And the self cleaning Activ™ glass coating by Pilkington.