Boost Your Building Standards

Climate change is potentially one of the greatest long term environmental challenges in the world today – scientific evidence has proven to us the real seriousness and urgency of this issue, and is now telling us what we need to do about it.

Today almost half of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the use of buildings (27% from homes and a further 17% from non-domestic buildings) and as a way of ensuring that whilst we add to the overall stock of buildings, we do not add further to the overall scale of our climate control problems, the Government has altered Building regulations Part L.

*Regulation Part L is in relation to the conservation of fuel and power – this could mean limiting heat gains and losses through thermal elements and other parts of the building fabrics used. The general idea is to use as little fuel as possible to run a building and once heated – to keep the heat where it is intended to be.*

These regulations originated from Europe and have to be adopted by all EU countries. They are becoming more demanding, and doubtless will continue to do so. On a more positive note, adopting good energy conservation standards is a great marketing tool for everyone involved in new build or building renovation. The public are become increasingly aware of the value of conserving energy, and the increasing cost of home energy, so it is a positive selling feature.

Here at Technibond, we have been developing the right solutions to all your building regulation needs, helping you be compliant in this increasingly stringent regulations – both for new build and all your renovation work. Now, and in the future.

Air Tightness Seal - ISO-CONNECT Vario SD

Expanding Foam Weather Seal - ISO-BLOCO 600

This versatile expanding foam tape sealant has been especially designed for a variety of different applications. These include sealing outside wall joints, construction joints (such as all moving joints i.e when timber frames shrink with temperature and humidity changes) and in areas such as those around windows and doors to prevent water ingress into the wall cavity. Alongside this, it can also reduce the air permeability of the joints – reducing any draughts, and it improves sound insulation.

  • Compliance with the latest European regulations DIN EN 18542 (2009) BG 1 and DIN 18055
  • Classification as fire resistant to DIN 4102 B1 standard
  • Protection against driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pascal (equivalent to Beaufort wind force 11 - violent storm)
  • Vapour permeable foam possessing outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics.

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Air Tightness Seal - ISO-CONNECT Vario SD

This clever window connection foil creates an air tight but extremely flexible seal around windows and doors, both internally and externally. It completely and permanently eliminates draughts and air seepage around window and door frames, but allows moisture to escape, reducing any likelihood of condensation. Additionally, it is provided with alternative fixing methods, self-adhesive or using a special mastic, according to customer preference.

  • Prevents air leakage while allowing water vapour to pass into the building during the summer months and out of the building during the winter months
  • Provides a joint seal according with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows, doors and panels.
  • Complies with the recommendations of the RAL quality assurance association for windows and doors.

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