What is the AM2 Range?

AM2 is Orafol's biggest selling solvent modified acrylic adhesive, and it represents a fantastic combination of tack and performance. High tack adhesives bond well to rough surfaces and are easy to use, needing little pressure to form a good bond. Unfortunately, many high tack adhesives are quite low performance, with low shear strength and temperature resistance. Not so AM2, which is why Orafol use it so widely in their tape range.

The products being newly promoted are four variations of carrier, release liner and adhesive coating weight developed specifically to compete with key products from 3M and Tesa. They offer a family of similar products using one adhesive, with distinctive branded liners for easy identification, and competitively priced.

Orabond 1397PP
The first product, Orabond 1397PP, is the highest performance product in the range. It uses a polyester film for the highest temperature performance, a red film liner, and a high coat weight of AM2 adhesive. It competes with 3M 9088FL and Tesa 4965.
Tesa 4965 is one of the biggest-selling double sided tapes due to its versatility, and many companies offer a copy of this product. Many of these are copies in appearance only; Orabond 1397PP offers very similar performance and in most applications is a match for the Tesa product.

Orabond 1397TR
The second product, Orabond 1397TR, is almost exactly the same!! But instead of the distinctive red liner, is is supplied on a white paper liner printed with the Orafol logo in red.

Why offer the same product on a different liner? There are many reasons but the main ones are cost and ease of die-cutting. The paper liner alone makes the whole product around 10% cheaper. And film liners, excellent in many respects, are difficult to die-cut cleanly. So for cut parts, 1397TR is the preferred option. Paper is also less slippery and less prone to static than film.

Orabond 1397TR is a close match for 3M 9088 and Tesa 4965 PV1. Note that 3M appear to be changing their 9088 to a new but slightly different product, 9088-200.

Orabond 3331TG
The third product, Orabond 3331TG, is even thicker than 1397 and uses a white uPVC film carrier. Many people find that this additional bulk and rigidity makes the product easier to handle. In graphical and certain other applications, the white carrier is important as it provides an opaque backing avoiding the need for a white ink flood coat. The product also gives better gap-filling. The uPVC carrier, however, limits the temperature performance.

Orabond 3331TG is similar to 3M 9087 and Tesa 4970, another very widely used and versatile tape. 3331TG is actually slightly thicker than Tesa 4970.


Orabond 1399TM

Finally, 1399TM uses a thin tissue carrier with a heavy coating of the AM2 adhesive. It is unusual for a tissue tape, coming in at a hefty 190µ thick, far thicker than most. Tissue tapes are easy to apply by hand, very conformable to uneven surfaces and excellent general purpose tapes.

Orabond 1399TM is an alternative to 3M 9086 and Tesa 4962

For samples and prices of any of the above or advice on these or any other tapes please call our sales office on 01628 642800