Production bottleneck solved! Overlap and butterfly release liners Help

As we all know, time is money. A busy factory has to be organized, fast moving and efficient - it cannot contain one inefficient operation or the knock-on effects have implications for turnaround times, overtime costs, delays and customer relations. Here is one example where we were able to solve a production bottleneck - and reduce waste.

A major vehicle wing mirror manufacturer uses foam die-cut pads to assemble the glass mirror to a plastic backing plate. Technibond were called in because the time taken to remove the release paper was causing a serious production bottleneck.

The first problem was that the production operatives, wearing gloves, found it difficult to grip the edge of the release paper to remove it without damaging the foam. The second was the paper often tore during removal so it had to be removed in two or three pieces, each subject to the first problem! And the problem occurred removing the first release paper to bond the pad to the mirror, then also in removing the second paper to bond the mirror to the housing Production was unacceptably slow, and the operators became frustrated. The frustration and excessive handling meant that parts were sometimes ruined, causing unacceptable waste.

Technibond Diecut with Paper Release Technibond Diecut with Paper Release

We solved the problem with a different release liner solution on each side of the diecut.

Technibond Diecut with Butterfly Release Technibond Diecut with Butterly Release

The diecut is now presented kiss-cut on a strong easy release paper, with a large overlap that is very easy to grip. The complete diecut is quickly removed in one piece and applied to the concave back of the mirror. The deep slots in the diecut allow it to conform to the curved surface but were a contributory cause of the original problem of tearing.

Now the clever bit. The second side liner is a tough plastic film with our special butterfly release wings. The film helps the conformity of the part to the 3-D mirror and is almost un-tearable. The butterfly is easily gripped for fast removal, even with gloves. A couple of seconds later and the parts are ready to assemble. And waste is virtually eliminated.

We can produce pads and diecuts with fingerlifts, tabs, dry edges and butterfly release to speed up your assembly operation. Phone us to discuss options on 01628 642800.