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Techniflex is the ideal product for all manner of signs, general purpose and specialist.

Outdoor signage has evolved from the painted barber's pole to the vast array of signs seen today in metal, plastic, glass and composite materials, sometimes backlit, large or small, colourful or subtle, often carefully chosen to enhance a brand. The materials are often stuck together, and double-sided tapes are usually the best method for doing this as there are no health and safety issues and no solvent to affect the materials. But there are considerable challenges in performing the job satisfactorily for many years.

The first challenge is long term outdoor exposure to heat, frost, UV light and rain which alone or in combination can degrade second-rate adhesives. All grades of Techniflex have been tested in our weatherometer and we can guarantee that they will perform for many years. The second challenge is that of differential thermal movement. All materials expand as they heat up and contract as they cool, but they move by different amounts - the coefficient of thermal expansion. Plastics move a lot, but metals, glass, brickwork move a little. And signs can be in full sun, so the temperature range from night to day may be 60oC or even more. This can result in movements of several millimetres day in, day out year in, year out and most adhesive tapes will fail. Techniflex because of its visco-elastic nature (see our main article LINK) is able to absorb this movement for the life time of the product. We prove this by long term cyclic temperature testing in our programmable ovens. 

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signRoad signs are generally made of metal but provide other challenges. Often large and exposed, they are subject to high wind stresses, vandalism and even impact. Techniflex provides a strong unyielding bond capable of replacing rivets without disfiguring the painted surface of the sign. Techniflex Black is ideal for bonding the rigid aluminium extrusion to the rear of road signage.

light sign boxLight box signsrequire glass clear adhesives to maintain the colour and transparency of the sign. The high adhesive strength and high degree of light transmission make the colourless and glass clear Techniflex THB perfectly suited to the construction of light box signs.

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