Technibond HSA

"High Shear Acrylic"

Cars, doors, windows, external signage, roofs … you name it, Technibond HSA provides high performance adhesion and proven reliability…

Introducing one of our "Best Value" products, which offers top class performance at an everyday price.

Compared to the competition, Technibond HSA gives you:

A genuine automotive grade adhesive

So you know you are getting the very best performance available

A stronger foam; tough but flexible

Because the foam determines the strength of the whole tape

Our own production aid film liner as standard

For easier and faster application

An affordable price

To keep you competitive

HSA has been developed by Technibond during our 30 years of experience. It is unique to Technibond and coated for us to our specification by one of Europe's largest and most respected adhesive coaters.

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Download our full HSA report as a .pdf here