A Clean Surface means a Great Bond.

Unlike nails, screws, rivets and staples, adhesion only works at the surface. That gives adhesives some real advantages - spreading the load, lack of corrosion points, ease of use and H & S considerations. But for reliable results the surfaces need to be clean. Even sticking to a greasy fingerprint will reduce the bond strength, as will a fine layer of dust. Invisible contaminants are even more of a problem, and some of these contaminants paradoxically result from cleaning, as many industrial and domestic cleaners leave a film behind that can have a huge effect on an adhesive.

Technibond proudly present the answer. Not the sachets of water / isopropanol impregnated tissue that are fiddly to use and not very effective as solvents. But the same solvent we use in our laboratory for cleaning our test panels, in a dispensing tub of large tissues. It is economical, easy to use and very effective. So we put our name on it.


Technibond high performance pre-impregnated wipes use a fast drying solvent for cleaning and degreasing or plastics, glass and metals, without leaving a surface residue.  Ideal for use prior to adhesive application to remove:

  • dust & dirt
  • release agent contamination
  • lubricants
  • fingerprints and handling marks
  • and for general and precision cleaning applications

The Technibond high performance wipes contain no chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, and can replace cloths and bottles of solvent on the shop floor.  Also a citrus odour makes the wipes non-offensive to use.

Each bucket consists of 250 large high quality low lint solvent impregnated cleaning wipes (210mm x 400mm), refills available.

For more information please contact us at sales@technibond.co.uk or call us on 01628 642800.