Techniseal is one of our Building Products range that includes sealing and insulating products for Part L of the UK building regulations. See link for the other products in the range.

All grades of Techniseal are:

  • Compression sealants
  • Electrical insulators
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Thermal insulators
  • Sound dampeners
  • Self extinguishing
  • Cushioning
  • Vibration dampening

Different grades perform the following functions:

Building & Construction (external)

Where external insulated cladding panels meet, PVC foam is applied along their edges to act as a thermal break and air seal.

Building & Construction (internal)

In internal partitioning systems PVC foam can reduce sound transmission and can take up panel regularly Products are also suitable for sealing panels to joints in floating floor systems In suspended ceiling systems the products are applied to flanges / tiles to cushion and prevent dirt ingress, and can give further fire retardancy to a building.

HVAC / electrical cabinets:

Techniseal 200M is applied around hinged access doors and inspection hatches and access panels of air handling and motor units. The seal is not permanently compressed. Also as a make or break seal around the frame of electrical door cabinets. Techniseal 220 is used for external applications to seal electrical switchgear housing.


Train / metro carriage construction sealing framework ribs to ceiling panels.Soft and medium hard foams (Techniseal 110 & 220) to seal around rear door frames.Profiled ocean container manufacture - for sealing of corners. Panel sealing, anti vibration - in coachwork - medium in the assembly of horse trailers, emergency vehicles, catering units, taxis. Wherever a specific glue line is required, single sided PVC foam is used to seal potential leakage points PVC foam has a special characteristics: it can be bolted through yet maintain the seal Techniseal 330 may be used as a waterseal around light clusters, number plate housings.


Caravans and sectional buildings

Sectional dwellings, sealing and cushioning between the floor and sub-frame.


Shipbuilding (marine):

  • Sealing portholes
  • Sealing inspection hatches
  • Jointing partitioning
  • Fixtures and fittings - single sided for examples ductwork, flooring
  • Small craft - mimicking caravan applications

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