HSA is available in six basic forms; with white or black foam; in three foam thicknesses:

Colour \ Thicknesse 1mm 1.5mm 2mm
White Yes Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes Yes

All versions of HSA use the same adhesive. The foam density varies slightly between products but in all cases we use a strong tough foam.

The products are supplied as standard with a clear / neutral HDPE film liner for quick and easy application without tearing. As an option, the following release liners are also available (minimum quantities may apply):

  • Blue HDPE
  • Yellow HDPE
  • Paper

HSA is available in these formats:

  • Rolls any width up to 1000mm standard lengths 50 or 100m - other lengths available
  • Bobbins most common widths and many specials are available standard length 1000m; longer lengths may be available
  • Pads most sizes available various formats, numbers of pads per roll etc
  • Diecut parts standard and custom parts please phone to discuss your project

For more information please click on the links below or contact us at sales@technibond.co.uk or Tel. 01844 353378