Use Less Tape! Save Money - Save the Planet.

use less tape- save the planet

Did you know that most of our products outperform the competition by 20 to 50% or even more? So you can use less of our product and get the same results, but save money (and incidentally save on non-renewable resources and the energy used to make the products from them). Many of our customers have reduced tape width. Reducing by as little as 1mm, (say, from12mm to 11mm), saves 8% on cost. Some customers have made much larger savings. Unlike most companies we slit all of our tapes to order and can slit to almost any width, so it is easy to take advantage of this offer.

Too much trouble or risk? Not if you use enough tape, because we will do the testing for you. We recently showed one customer that he could safely change tape, and reduce his width from 28mm to 25mm, saving him over £17,000 a year. We set up a realistic end-use test alongside our normal performance tests to convince him - and us - that the new tape and width actually performed better than the old. And the change has been seamless and trouble-free. Using less of a performance product is a better way of saving money and resources and with less risk, than downgrading the specification.

save money

So why would we do this and sell less tape? Because if we improve your competitiveness you will gain market share...sell more product...and we will eventually sell more tape not less. And from our experience, this approach works.  So it's a WIN - WIN - WIN situation (YOU - US - THE PLANET). And for those of you using (horror) a competitive product...welcome to our Third Way!

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