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Technibond T549

A high coatweight modified acrylic adhesive coated on a transparent polyester film, and provided with a distinctive red film liner. T549 is simply our highest performance thin tape. It bonds to nearly all materials, rough and smooth, high and low surface energy. It withstands all normal environmental conditions - water, UV light, high and low temperatures, solvents and placticizers. Use it in extreme conditions, or simply when you want the best or most versatile tape.


Data Sheets

Features and Benefits

  • Very high tack bonds immediately to almost all materials.
  • Excellent results on smooth and slightly rough surfaces.
  • Extremely high final adhesion on most materials
  • Good shear performance.
  • Resists water solvents and plasticizers.
  • Excellent ageing and UV resistance


T549 has no specific limitations, it is our most versatile thin tape.

Further Information

T549 withstands higher temperatures than any of our other tapes.

Alternative To

Tesa 4965

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