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Hannoband® BG1

Hannoband BG1 v Compriband 600 - The Technical Stuff

Both products are made in Germany by respected, long-established companies. Both meet the latest specifications - unlike many similar products. Both are independently tested and monitored. So what is the difference? Technically, very little. In other respects, quite a bit. See for yourself:

Property Compriband 600 Hannoband BG1
Foam Type P U Foam P U Foam
Impregnant Acrylic Acrylic
Building Class DIN 4102 B1 B1
Exposure Class DIN 18542 BG1 BG1
Weather Tightness, DIN 18542 >600Pa >600Pa
Thermal Conductivity <.048 .0429
Temperature Range -30 to +90oC -30 to +100oC
Compatibility with building materials DIN 18542 OK OK

Now The Real Difference....

Why Should You Choose Hannoband?

  • Hannoband is supplied exclusively in the UK by Technibond
  • We convert the product under our ISO 9001 quality system
  • We are renowned for our pre- and after-sales service
  • We can be very flexible on quantities and sizes
  • We convert and deliver quickly - to meet your deadlines
  • And we have sensible and consistent prices

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