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Hannoband 3E

Hannoband 3E

The new foolproof one-component solution for sealing windows: weather seal, vapour membrane and insulation all in one.


Hannoband 3E is quick and easy to apply, and virtually guarantees correctly sealed windows that will pass all modern building specifications and will continue to perform year after year.


Features and Benefits

  • All three window sealing functions in one
  • Easy, fool-proof application
  • No internal or external foil required
  • No messy canister foam required
  • Meets the RAL guidelines for window fitting
  • Resistance to driving rain >1050 Pa


  • In very warm weather the foam will expand more quickly giving less time for location of the window in the frame. If possible, keep the product cool.

Further Information

Hannoband 3E in use

Hannoband 3E 

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