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Hannoband BG1

The top tape among the joint sealing tapes. Withstands driving rain to over 600 pascals.


Hannoband BG1 is a traditional joint sealing tape that will pass all modern building specifications and will continue to perform year after year. It is best used with an internal flashing tape such as Hanno Duo Easy and a foam filler.

Features and Benefits

  • For heavy-duty primary and cross joints
  • All relevant test certificates are available
  • Resistant to long-term weathering
  • European Technical Approval ETA 06/0083
  • Corresponds to DIN 18542:2009, stress group 1
  • Building materials class B1 DIN 4102
  • Thermal conductivity λ=0,0429 W/mK
  • Resistant to driving rain ≥ 600 Pa
  • Joint sound insulation value RST,W max. 59 dB
  • Temperature stability from -30°C to +100°C, briefly to max. +130°C
  • Open to diffusion


  • In very warm weather the foam will expand more quickly giving less time for location of the window in the frame. If possible, keep the product cool.

Further Information

Hannoband BG1 in use

Hannoband BG1

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