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Orabond 1397PP - The Alternative to Tesa 4965


Orabond 1397PP ia a very high performance tape, based on the best-selling AM2 adhesive. It is 210µ thick, using a thin polyester carrier and a red polypropylene film  liner. 1397PP is very clear, bonds strongly to low surface energy materials, and resists temperatures from -40oC to +160oC, even up to +180oC for short periods. It is also good for bonding to rough or textured materials.

Orafol 1397PP is an alternative to Tesa 4965, 3M 9088FL and Lohmann 376 and 377.

Competitive Comparison

Features and Benefits

  • High shear resistance, even at elevated temperatures
  • Very high adhesion to high surface energy materials
  • High adhesion to low surface energy surfaces
  • High adhesion to rough or textured surfaces
  • Very resistant to UV radiation
  • Very resistant to solvents, plasticisers and water
  • Excellent outdoor performance
  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures

Common Applications

  • Bonding vehicle mirrors in plastic housings
  • Fixing internal and external signs
  • Bonding extruded synthetic profiles
  • Attaching trims, bars and laminates to furniture and a variety of surfaces.
  • Fixing of covers and handles in the audio, household appliance and electrical industry
  • Bonding PVC trims and cable trunking


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