Do you want to talk tape?

Do you want to talk tape?

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Technibond provides the free, fast, expert support that few, if any, of our competitors can rival.

Technical Support

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Pre -sales

Be certain you’ve found the right tape for your exact needs, before you spend a single penny...

We specialize in realistic application testing that will prove the suitability of our products in your application, taking away the risks normally involved in re-sourcing.



Too many companies promise much, but fail to deliver (or deliver too slowly) when you really need their support.
Technibond is specifically set-up to focus on excellent technical support – it’s what separates us from the rest! We have our own technical staff who will:

  • Provide expert and accurate information.
  • Provide on-site help
  • Help support your own customers
  • Resolve complaints quickly

Most companies have to send samples of material abroad, and rely on external help that is often too slow. We do not!

Call our free technical advice hotline on 01628 642810

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