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Our laboratory by Technibond

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is temperature controlled to industry standards and is fully equipped to test bond strength, holding power and tack; high and low temperature performance, and resistance to weathering, ageing and UV light. We also develop and conduct customer-specific tests:


The main functions of the laboratory are:

  • To make sure that our customers use the most suitable product for their application. This is not necessarily the highest performing, but the product that offers the optimum combination of price and  performance, to give you the competitive edge.
  • To test our products and our competitors products in real application conditions, to make sure we are offering the best available products on the market.
  • To develop new products and improve our existing products, to make sure we keep up to date with industry developments and ahead of your changing requirements.

Accelerated weathering machine

Accelerated weathering machineOur accelerated weathering machine is used to prove the long term durability of our products for outdoor applications, often on our customers’ material.

Measuring surface energy

Measuring surface energy Measuring surface energy can be important in determining the correct product for the application.

Electronic tensile tester

Electronic tensile tester An electronic tensile tester is used to measure bond strength to various materials, and release liner values. Much of our adhesion testing is on customer's own materials.

Long-term shear tests

Long-term shear tests Long-term shear tests provide the best reassurance or tape reliability…

Shear is the measurement that probably gives us the most information - certainly as a predictor of long term performance. All pressure-sensitive adhesives under stress will slowly flow with time, particularly at elevated temperatures. Most companies use shear only as a short term Quality Control test - testing for just a matter of hours. We test shear long term, sometimes for many months, and at different temperatures, so we really know that our products will perform long term.

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