Our Founders

Technibond was established in 1982 by two founding Directors, Ron Garrett and Mike Harrison. Both had worked in the tape industry for many years, as senior managers of a large International tape company.

The UK market then was dominated by very few companies with a limited range of tapes, and quality and service were often poor. Ron and Mike saw an opportunity to bring new, higher quality and higher performance products to the market, from other European coating companies. They therefore set up Technibond to convert high quality adhesive coated products to industry.

At the same time they determined to provide better service, flexibility and delivery than was currently available. To achieve this Technibond would convert its tapes to virtually any size, shape and configuration, with low minimum order sizes, supplied to incredibly short lead times. At the same time we invested in the best equipment, to be efficient and productive and capable of supplying the largest customers as well as the smallest.

Company Development

Technibond grew rapidly, and within a few years become a major and respected tape supplier, and the largest UK supplier of double sided foam tapes. A strategic decision was made in 1989 to install our own tape testing laboratory. This took us in a different direction to all of our competitors by reinforcing our quality and delivery with a full technical capability. This meant:

  • Technical independence from our suppliers
  • The ability to quickly and fully resolve any customer problems
  • The ability to source on performance, and benchmark our products
  • The ability to develop our own range of products

Other important points on our timeline


  • Technibond founded and established its first factory at Lisle Road, High Wycombe with slitting and flat bed die-cutting equipment.
  • Within 2 years we expanded into a second unit.


  • The Company moved to larger factory at the Valley Centre, High Wycombe.
  • We installed a third slitter, and first rotary die-cutter.


  • We set up our adhesive testing laboratory.
  • The first UK converter to do so, and still a unique resource.


  • We achieved registration to BS 5750 (now ISO 9001). Also installed our first rewinding machine to allow the purchase of larger bulk rolls, and in combination with our technical resources, to put our own release films on our tapes.
  • This is still a unique Technibond feature.


  • Bought our first spooling machine. We were the first UK converter to produce spooled foam tapes.
  • Our foam tape spools are still the best in the market.


  • Technibond moved to our current much larger factory at Bourne End, and installed fourth slitting machine, a new rewinder / slitter, a sheeter and a wide width rotary machine.
  • We greatly expanded our adhesive laboratory.


  • Installed a second, larger, spooling machine developed specially for our needs.
  • With a unique unwind / laminating / slitting station.


  • Our founding directors retired, and a new management structure was put in place.
  • We installed a second rewind / slitter.


  • Two existing managers bought into the Company as shareholders and Directors to provide continuity for the future.


  • We made a strategic decision to expand our product range, became Hanno Werk’s sole UK partner and took on the Oralite and Reflexite ranges of reflective material.
  • We installed additional converting equipment to support this strategic decision to meet customer demands for these products.

Technibond today

Technibond today is equally owned by four director / shareholders:

  • Our two founders Ron Garrett and Mike Harrison (non-executive Directors)
  • Mike Summers (Managing Director)
  • Scott lewis (Technical Director)

We are based in a 25,000 ft2 / 2,300 m2) factory near High Wycombe, 30 miles /50Km West of London. We are close to the M40 motorway and just 20 miles /32 Km from Heathrow Airport.

Excellent quality, performance and service remains our focus, and we have:

  • An ISO 9001 quality system
  • Our own technical department and laboratory
  • Excellent IT systems
  • Invested in the best people and equipment
  • The capability to manufacture virtually any tape format
  • And we train our people and maintain our equipment very well

We believe that we offer unmatched service and flexibility. But above all, we have a commitment to our customers, at an individual level as well as from the Company. We believe in professionalism, and we take pride in doing our jobs well.

Technibond is a successful and robust company, and we supply many large, professional and often international customers, who are typically the top companies in their own markets. We also supply many very small customers, who equally value our service. Back up the supply chain, we deal with some of the best coating companies in the world






Frequently Asked Questions

We slit most of our products to order, so we have no standard roll width. If you want 13mm or 133mm, you can have it.

As a standard, the minimum is 6mm. We can slit most products narrower than this (we have slit down to 1.6mm) but we charge the same per roll as if it were 6mm, due to the increased slitting and packaging difficulty and the increased waste. The maximum width depends on the product, but is usually at least 1 metre.

We hold large quantities of bulk rolls in stock and manufacture to order. That's the only way we can offer the number of products and product variations that we do.

UK deliveries on rolls, 3 to 5 working days. Spools, pads and die-cuts are 10 working days. If your order is urgent, please speak to our sales department and we'll try to help. Export orders are subject to longer delivery times.

Our MOQ on most rolls is £100. On rolls of Techniflex and on other formats it is £200.

On UK orders over £200 delivery is free. On orders between £100 and £200 we add a small order charge of £20. We can arrange a.m. and courier deliveries for additional charges.

As our products are made to order, we cannot generally accept returns unless the goods are faulty. 

We are proud to guarantee the quality and performance of all our products and will quickly provide a replacement or refund if they fail to meet our standards.

Yes, we export around the world. Currently we export to Europe, the Far East, Australia and the US.