Introducing Techniflex™ Tape The Ultimate Bonding Solution

Manufactured by us Techniflex Tape, where exceptional bonding meets unparalleled performance.
When it comes to exceptional bond strength and environmental resistance, nothing compares to Techniflex, our premium range of acrylic tapes, genuine alternatives to 3M™ VHB™ delivering outstanding performance in various applications.

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Structural bonding tapes for use in critical and demanding applications particularly where resistance to flexing is required. The acrylic core will absorb movement better than p.e foams, making Techniflex particularly suitable for outdoor applications such as signs and doors where diurnal cycles cause thermal movements. Available in clear and a range of colours and a variety of thicknesses, cut to any width roll required. We also provide several specialist grades.

  • Clear Products

    These solid, thick mass acrylic adhesive tapes offer excellent adhesion while maintaining a softer texture. Although they exhibit low shear, they are perfect for applications requiring a thick, clear tape.

  • Colour Products

    Coated on a firmer acrylic core, these colour products provide higher shear strength. They ensure reliable bonding performance and are ideal for various projects.

  • Techniflex Alternatives

    Our Techniflex products are exceptional alternatives to traditional foam tapes, offering unique properties. With a denser and stronger core compared to standard PE foam, Techniflex provides superior peel strength, making it ideal for resisting vandalism and other demanding scenarios.

  • Viscoelastic Core

    Unlike ordinary PE foam tapes that are purely elastic, Techniflex boasts a viscoelastic core. This means that Techniflex exhibits both liquid-like and elastic behaviour. It flows and flexes under stress, absorbing and deforming more effectively than foam, hence earning the name Techno Flex. This remarkable feature makes it perfect for outdoor applications where materials expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations.

  • Broad Range of Colours

    Our black Techniflex tape stands out as the highest shear product in our range. Many competitors offer black products that are simply dark grey. We also offer Techniflex in grey, which is the most compressible option among the three colours. Grey blends seamlessly with metals, providing an unobtrusive bonding solution.

UV Stability and Clarity: Our clear Techniflex product excels in UV stability, maintaining its flexibility and clarity even after prolonged exposure. Unlike many competitor products that turn yellow, cloudy, and brittle, our clear tape ensures long-lasting performance.

The Range Includes

Techniflex THB

Offering glass clear invisible bonding

With its non-yellowing and non-hardening properties, Techniflex THB stands apart from the competition. Experience remarkable flexibility and superior shear strength like never before.

Data Sheets

Techniflex THB 0.5mm

Techniflex THB 1mm

Techniflex THB 1.5mm

Techniflex THB 2mm

Techniflex THB 3mm

Techniflex Black

High shear and low visibility

The blackest acrylic foam tape on the market. Techniflex HPB forms incredibly strong bonds, providing a nearly invisible bond line even on white materials. It absorbs reflections and ensures a clean visual line, making it perfect for die-cut parts.

Data Sheets

Techniflex Black 1mm

Techniflex Black 2mm

Techniflex White

White acrylic foam tape with high shear

A white foamed acrylic tape providing a very high performance alternative to PE foam tapes. Our product has genuine market leading performance and is an excellent product for die cut parts.

Data Sheets

Techniflex White 1mm

Techniflex White 2mm

Techniflex Grey

High Shear and unobtrusive

This product is slightly softer and more conformable than our white or black grades, and an unobtrusive grey colour which blends well in many industrial situations. Techniflex Grey provides slightly higher shear performance than other grades of Techniflex, better performance at high temperature and is rather less tacky.

Techniflex LE

Strong bonds to low energy surfaces

Need strong bonds on low-energy surfaces?

Specially developed for improved bonds on low-energy materials, Techniflex LE offers excellent shear, even under high temperatures.

Techniflex PL

Techniflex that bonds strongly but peels cleanly

A clear product with an amazingly strong and elastic core, allowing it to form a strong bond yet be peeled cleanly from most surfaces. even after long periods of time.

With its incredibly strong and elastic core, Techniflex PL forms robust bonds while allowing clean removal from most surfaces, even after extended periods of time.

Techniflex FR

High performance black fire retardant

Tested to UL94 HB standards, Techniflex FR surpasses flame and fire retardant tests while providing extremely high bonds. It ensures safety and reliability in demanding environments.


For a technical explanation of Techniflex and a comparison of Acrylic with P.E. foam tapes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We slit most of our products to order, so we have no standard roll width. If you want 13mm or 133mm, you can have it.

As a standard, the minimum is 6mm. We can slit most products narrower than this (we have slit down to 1.6mm) but we charge the same per roll as if it were 6mm, due to the increased slitting and packaging difficulty and the increased waste. The maximum width depends on the product, but is usually at least 1 metre.

We hold large quantities of bulk rolls in stock and manufacture to order. That's the only way we can offer the number of products and product variations that we do.

UK deliveries on rolls, 3 to 5 working days. Spools, pads and die-cuts are 10 working days. If your order is urgent, please speak to our sales department and we'll try to help. Export orders are subject to longer delivery times.

Our MOQ on most rolls is £100. On rolls of Techniflex and on other formats it is £200.

On UK orders over £200 delivery is free. On orders between £100 and £200 we add a small order charge of £20. We can arrange a.m. and courier deliveries for additional charges.

As our products are made to order, we cannot generally accept returns unless the goods are faulty. 

We are proud to guarantee the quality and performance of all our products and will quickly provide a replacement or refund if they fail to meet our standards.

Yes, we export around the world. Currently we export to Europe, the Far East, Australia and the US.