Mission, Vision and Values


To deliver the best technical tape solutions to all of our customers by giving you:

1) Complete reliability from first contact to final delivery

When you place an order with Technibond, you can relax. It will arrive on time, it will be well presented and it will perform as you expect it to. This is because we offer our expertise and diligent service from the moment you get in touch.

With over 40 years of experience in the adhesive and tape industry, we’ll help you choose the right product for your needs. Importantly, we make sure that every product we provide is of the highest quality — we don’t take our suppliers’ word, we test every product in our own lab and produce our own datasheets with data we’re willing to stand by.

Once you’ve selected your product, you can rest assured that it will arrive when we say it will. This is due to our robust contingency planning and supply change management, which ensures we always have materials and components in stock.

2) The best technical support

As the only independent converter in the UK and one of the few in Europe with our own lab, we can provide unique technical support to all of our customers. This means if you have a question about how our product will perform in your particular settings, we don’t need to guess. Our experienced technical team will test your chosen product under your own conditions to prove its suitability.

With speedy responses and expert testers, you can look forward to prompt answers, alongside any required certification e.g. PPAPs, FMEAs and Control Plans.

If you find a product isn’t working as expected in your operations, our technical team are here to provide after-sales support. If needed, we’ll get testing in our lab to provide you with the answer to your problem so your production can keep running.

3) Value for money

We continually source, test and develop our tapes to make sure we offer the best value for money. As an independent converter we use the very best suppliers worldwide, selected not on what they say about their products but what we can prove beyond a doubt thanks to our own in-house product testing.

Just as importantly, we work closely with you, our customers, to understand your production needs, technical needs and commercial needs. A big part of this involves providing you with FREE expert after-sales support.

The result is products that:

  • Offer the best performance at all price levels
  • Are correctly specified to meet your needs so you can avoid failure costs
  • Neither under-engineered nor over-engineered to keep you competitive
  • Are best-suited to the end user for speed and convenience
  • Speed up application and reduce production bottlenecks


1) Honesty, integrity and transparency

Our business is based on long-term relationships, which is why we take the time to build trust and understanding with each and every customer and supplier. This is made possible by our in-house product testing, which ensures we have complete confidence in our products and capabilities. This is why we retain 97% of our customers year on year, some of whom have been with us since we began over 40 years ago.

2) Putting our customers first

We can only succeed through you. That’s why we strive to provide you with the highest quality products, expert technical support and exceptional customer service.

The cornerstone of this service is trust — a trust we work as hard as we can to maintain with every one of our customers by always listening carefully and trying to see things through your point of view.

3) Trust and respect for everyone

People are the core of our business — our staff, our customers, our suppliers and everyone else who makes Technibond possible. That’s why we operate on mutual trust and respect for everyone we communicate and collaborate with.

This means creating a positive working environment that encourages our people to be ambitious and take responsibility. To support this, we provide training to help our people develop their skills and aptitudes. The result is enthusiastic, motivated people that can deliver great results for us and for you.





Frequently Asked Questions

We slit most of our products to order, so we have no standard roll width. If you want 13mm or 133mm, you can have it.

As a standard, the minimum is 6mm. We can slit most products narrower than this (we have slit down to 1.6mm) but we charge the same per roll as if it were 6mm, due to the increased slitting and packaging difficulty and the increased waste. The maximum width depends on the product, but is usually at least 1 metre.

We hold large quantities of bulk rolls in stock and manufacture to order. That's the only way we can offer the number of products and product variations that we do.

UK deliveries on rolls, 3 to 5 working days. Spools, pads and die-cuts are 10 working days. If your order is urgent, please speak to our sales department and we'll try to help. Export orders are subject to longer delivery times.

Our MOQ on most rolls is £100. On rolls of Techniflex and on other formats it is £200.

On UK orders over £200 delivery is free. On orders between £100 and £200 we add a small order charge of £20. We can arrange a.m. and courier deliveries for additional charges.

As our products are made to order, we cannot generally accept returns unless the goods are faulty. 

We are proud to guarantee the quality and performance of all our products and will quickly provide a replacement or refund if they fail to meet our standards.

Yes, we export around the world. Currently we export to Europe, the Far East, Australia and the US.