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Hanno Sealing and Insulating Systems

Hanno Sealing and Insulating Systems

Hanno Sealing and Insulating Systems

Technibond have been appointed official UK distributors of the Hanno Werk range of sealing and insulating products. These products are manufactured in Germany under stringent quality systems and perform to internationally recognized standards. We stock and recommend the following products from the Hanno range.

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Hannoband 3E

Hannoband® 3EHannoband® 3E

The new one-component solution for sealing windows: expanding foam with intergral membranes:

  • All three window sealing functions in one

  • Easy, fool-proof application

  • No internal or external foil required

  • No messy canister foam required

  • Meets the RAL guidelines for window fitting

  • Resistance to driving rain >1050 Pa

  • Patented membrane technology

Hannoband BG1

Hannoband® BG1

Hannoband® BG1The top tape among the joint sealing tapes

  • For heavy-duty primary and cross joints
  • All relevant test certificates are available
  • Resistant to long-term weathering
  • European Technical Approval ETA 06/0083
  • Corresponds to DIN 18542:2009, stress group 1
  • Building materials class B1 DIN 4102
  • Thermal conductivity λ=0,0429 W/mK
  • Resistant to driving rain ≥ 600 Pa
  • Joint sound insulation value RST,W max. 59 dB
  • Temperature stability from -30°C to +100°C, briefly to max. +130°C
  • Open to diffusion

Hannoband HBD


Hannoband®-HBDResistant to driving rain and weathering

The basic tape for building: Resistant to driving rain and to weathering. This versatile tape is preferred for heat insulations between the window frame and the masonry, for profile couplings, backfilling and battening.

  • Resistant to driving rain acc. to EN 1027 ≥ 300 Pa
  • Building materials class B2 acc. to DIN 4102
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation and to weather
  • Open to diffusion
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