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Orafol Tapes in rolls, spools, pads and diecut shapes

Orafol Double Sided Tapes

Technibond are the only UK Premier Converter of the Orafol range of double-sided tapes.


Orafol are one of Europe's largest and most respected manufacturers of adhesive tapes, graphic materials and reflective materials including the Reflexite brand.

We supply Orafol Tapes in rolls, spools, pads and diecut shapes. Phone us for advice on Orafol Tapes, free samples of Orafol Tapes, or for an instant quote on  01628 642833

Technibond have been associated with Orafol for many years, and we are the largest stockist of Orafol products in the UK with unrivalled conversion facilities. Orafol already manufacture for us many of our own-brand tapes. As a result of our close partnership we are now pleased to offer Orafol brand products alongside our own range of Technibond brand products.

About Orafol

Orafol has historic roots and long experience as a tape coating company. The company itself, however, is new. It has the advantage over many other long established companies, of operating from a large greenfield site. The factory itself and all the plant and equipment is very modern, as is the management ethos.

Orafol's quality is second to none, and production is highly efficient. As a result they have expanded from a single factory in 1995 to the current impressive size. They are now one of the largest tape coating companies in Europe.

Orafol Products

A large range of adhesives are available but they fall into a few groups. Solvent based pure acrylic adhesives (PA) give the highest performance but with some limitations. Solvent based modified acrylic adhesives (MA) give high to very high performance and are extremely versatile. Dispersion or water based acrylics (DA) are more economical but with generally lower performance. Synthetic rubber adhesives (SR) give medium to high performance under limited conditions>

  • Transfer tapes
  • Thin Carrier Double Sided Tapes
  • Foam Carrier Double Sided Tapes
  • Carpet Tapes and Splicing Tapes
  • Orafol and Technibond Spools
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Transfer Tapes - Orafilm

Transfer tapes are an unsupported adhesive film coated on release paper. Because of this they are very flexible - which may be an advantage or a disadvantage. Transfer tapes will preserve the flexibility of a material rather than reinforce it, but they are more difficult to handle. Sometimes a tissue or filmic tape will be a better option.

Product Reference Thickness Adhesive Typical applications
ORAFILM 1325 60µ MA Low energy surfaces
ORAFILM 1327 90µ MA Low energy and rough surfaces
ORAFILM 1368 50µ MA Particularly for diecutting
ORAFILM 1369 70µ MA Particularly for diecutting
ORAFILM 1370 80µ MA Particularly for diecutting
ORAFILM 1373 100µ PA Most surfaces
ORAFILM 1374 50µ PA Smooth polar surfaces
ORAFILM 1375 60µ PA Alternative to 3M 467MP
ORAFILM 1377 120µ PA Alternative to 3M 468MP

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Thin Double Sided Tapes - Orabond

Carrier tapes are true double-sided tapes: adhesive coated on both sides of a carrier. The carrier provides reinforcement making these tapes easier to handle. Typical carriers are tissue, films and woven materials. Tissue is quite flexible, films are reinforcing, woven materials reinforce in one or two directions only. The films include polypropylene (PP), an economical transparent film, Polyester (PES) for higher temperature performance and PVC where a white film is required. Various adhesives are available, from low performance economy adhesives to the highest performance for demanding applications. The large range includes the following:

Product Reference Thickness Adhesive Carrier Information
ORABOND 1194 215µ MA PP Stock product
ORABOND 1195 130µ MA PES Stock product
ORABOND 119708 210 MA PES Black version 1194
ORABOND 1198 70µ MA PES  
ORABOND 1331 100µ MA PES Perm - Peel
ORABOND 1333 80µ MA PES Perm - Peel
ORABOND 1344N 130µ DA Tissue  
ORABOND 1346 110µ DA Tissue Deleted
ORABOND 1348 100µ DA Tissue  
ORABOND 1349 160µ DA Tissue Also consider 1358
ORABOND 1349GI 100µ DA Scrim Deleted
ORABOND 1350GI  230µ DA Scrim  
ORABOND 1354L  110µ MA Tissue  
ORABOND 1354N 180µ DA Tissue   
ORABOND 1358 155µ DA Tissue  
ORABOND 1359 160µ DA Tissue Also consider 1358
ORABOND 1367 150µ DA Tissue  
ORABOND 1386  130µ MA Nonwoven Version of 1396
ORABOND 1387 110µ PA PES  
ORABOND 1389  70µ PA PES  
ORABOND 1392 260µ MA uPVC  In stock
ORABOND 1393 270µ MA PVC In stock
ORABOND 1395 130µ MA PES In stock
ORABOND 1396 130µ MA Tissue In stock
ORABOND 1397TR 210 MA PES Promotion - Details
ORABOND 1397PP 210 MA PES Promotion - Details
ORABOND 1398 70µ MA PES  
ORABOND 1399TM 190µ MA Tissue  Promotion - Details
ORABOND 1453 140µ SR  PP  
ORABOND 1453LT  100µ SR   PP  
ORABOND 1455 130µ SR Tissue  
ORABOND 1456  160µ SR Tissue  
ORABOND 1459 140µ SR Tissue   
ORABOND 1469 90 SR Tissue  
ORABOND 1473  110 SR Tissue  
ORABOND 1486 160µ SR Tissue   
ORABOND 1486LT 130µ SR Tissue  
ORAFLEX 1489 250µ SR Scrim  In stock
ORABOND 3331TG 230µ MA
Promotion - Details

Samples of most of these products are held in stock.

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Foam Double Sided Tapes - Oramount

Foam tapes are used for bonding two rigid materials together, providing gap-filling to ensure full adhesive contact to both surfaces. Typically these tapes use high performance adhesives. Double Sided Foam tapes are a Technibond speciality, so in some cases we stock alternative, non-standard products. We also carry some additional thicknesses and colours. We apply our own film liners, so we can offer a range of release papers and films on any of the products.

Please phone for advice on 01628 642833 or email an enquiry.

The Orafol range includes:

Product Reference Adhesive Thickness Colour Information
 PA 2mm
 White  Consider Technibond HSA
 PA 2mm  Black  Consider Technibond HSA
 MA 2mm Black
 Consider Technibond HTA
 MA 0.6mm Black
 PA 0.5mm Black
ORAMOUNT 1810 PA 1mm White Consider Technibond HSA
ORAMOUNT 1811 MA 1mm White Stock Product
ORAMOUNT 1812 MA 1mm White White paper version of 1811
ORAMOUNT 1813K3 MA 1mm White Yellow film version of 1811
ORAMOUNT 1815 PA 1.5mm White  
ORAMOUNT 1816 MA 1.5mm White  
MA 3mm
Consider Technibond HTA
ORAMOUNT 1819 MA 2mm White Consider Technibond HTA
ORAMOUNT 1820 PA .8mm White  
ORAMOUNT 1821 PA 1mm Black Consider Technibond HSA
ORAMOUNT 1822 MA 1mm Black  Stock Product
ORAMOUNT 1823 PA .8mm Black Consider Technibond HSA
ORAMOUNT 1824   PA .8mm  Black  Consider Technibond HSA
ORAMOUNT 1825 PA .5mm Black  
ORAMOUNT 1826 PA .8mm White Consider Technibond HSA
ORAMOUNT 1827W PA 3.2mm Black  
ORAMOUNT 1828 MA 3mm Black Stock product
ORAMOUNT 1829 MA .8mm Black  
ORAMOUNT 1831 SR 1mm White  
ORAMOUNT 1836  SR 1.5mm White  
ORAMOUNT 1840  SR .8mm White  
 MA/PA 1mm
Black For lens grinding pads
 MA 1mm
White Perm / peel tape

Carpet Tapes and Splicing Tapes

Please phone us for advice on 01628 642833 or email an enquiry

Orafol and Technibond Spools

Technibond now supplies the full range of Orafol thin tape spools.

Orafol and Technibond Spools

Technibond manufactures its own foam tape spools, and we can also spool most of the above products in a wide range of widths, with a choice of release liners.

Phone us for advice on spooled products on 01628 642833 or email us your enquiry.

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