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Orabond 1399TM - The Alternative to 3M 9080 and 3M 9086


Orabond 1399TM ia a very high performance tape, based on the best-selling AM2 adhesive. It is 190µ thick, using a thin tissue carrier and a blue printed paper liner. 1399TM is translucent, bonds strongly to low surface energy materials, and resists temperatures from -40oC to +140oC, even up to +160oC for short periods. It is also good for bonding to rough or textured materials.

Orafol 1399TM is an alternative to 3M 9080 / 9086, Tesa 4962 and Lohmann VP6413.

Competitive Comparison

Common Applications

  • Bonding vehicle mirrors in plastic housings
  • Fixing internal and external signs
  • Bonding extruded synthetic profiles
  • Attaching trims, bars and laminates to furniture and a variety of surfaces.
  • Fixing of covers and handles in the audio, household appliance and electrical industry
  • Bonding PVC trims and cable trunking


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