It’s the most misunderstood product in our range! It’s permanent but it’s temporary. It’s high bond  strength but removable. It’s our thickest thin tape. It’s unique but it’s one of our most versatile products. Why do we sell it? Where do we recommend it? Here are all the answers….

431 is actually an industrial version of a printers’ plate mounting tape. This was the “old generation” tape that was used for heavy duty letterpress printing blocks as well as the newer lightweight flexo plates. A failure of a printing block in a letterpress machine could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage….so these products don’t fail!

The requirements of that application were to form a secure bond between the printing block and the machine bed that would not only not fail, but would resist any slippage under the repeated high pressure of the print process, so as to maintain accurate print register. So the tape needs good gap-filling properties plus good adhesion plus good shear strength. And it needs to resist softening by the printing ink. But after a print run the block and the tape needs to be removed, without leaving residue on the machine bed that would require cleaning and cause down time. So the tape needs to be cleanly removable even after quite long times under high pressure. That’s why this product is unique.

So 431 is the thickest of our non-foam tapes, at 0.35 mm thick,with good tack that makes it great for bonding to rough and slightly uneven materials, even quite difficult materials. It bridges the gap between the extreme gap-filling abilities of our foam tapes and the limited gap-filling abilities of our thin tapes. It uses an acrylic formulation to resist solvents, so it also has good plasticizer resistance.

431 is a permanent adhesive suitable for robust or lightweight applications, and being acrylic has a long life, withstanding exposure to UV light. And the unique feature is that even after long periods of time it can be cleanly removed from almost any sound surface, even most plasticized materials such as vinyl, and even on glass after long UV exposure.

It has a strong high quality woven rayon carrier with a controlled thickness, quite unlike the cheap cotton scrim of other cloth tapes. This provides the removability and also allows the tape to reinforce flexible materials, preventing stretch. 431 is available in rolls, or as cut pads.

Typical applications are:

  • Temporary mounting of posters, cards and display items, even on windows.
  • Mounting posters and display items on rough surfaces such as internal brickwork.
  • Mounting office signs that may need to be changed in the future.
  • Attachment of promotional items to magazine covers.
  • Bonding abrasives to grinding discs
  • Transit packaging to secure items during packaging and transport.
  • Making rubber products self-adhesive
  • Manufacture of specialist masking products.
  • Holding Perspex, polycarbonate, metals etc during routing cutting or drilling processes


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