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Our latest Techniflex is something completely different! It looks like clear Techniflex, it bonds strongly to most

materials – but on firm surfaces it can be removed cleanly. Most of our tapes, including other grades of Techniflex,

bond so strongly they are very difficult to remove if required.

Compared to Clear Techniflex, Techniflex PL uses a different adhesive that is more cohesive and more elastic.

The best way to remove the tape is to grip it by a corner and pull to elongate it.

It is supplied on a clear PES liner, to differentiate it from our normal clear grades that are on a red liner.

Is It Useful To Me?

Techniflex PL is useful in these situations:

  • Fixing posters in windows – clear, UV stable and removable
  • Promotional retail signs – easily removed when the promotion ends
  • Internal office signs – bonds permanently, but can be removed if required
  • Mock-ups and presentations
  • Temporary fixing in engineering applications

Please contact our sales department for samples and prices on 01628 642831.

Other Removable Products

Techniflex PP is an addition to our range of removable double-sided tapes. You may be interested in these other products:

  • Technibond TPP – white PE foam, perm-peel

TPP is another unique product, based on a 1mm white PE foam. The open side has a strong modified adhesive that will bond to most surfaces including low surface energy materials. The liner side uses a special modified acrylic adhesive with high tack but low, stable, adhesion. It will also bond to most materials, but will remove cleanly after use.

  • Technibond 431 – peelable cloth tape

431 is a Technibond speciality. It has high adhesion and will bond to almost all materials including plasticized and low surface energy materials. The strong cloth and special formulation mean that it can be removed cleanly, even after long periods of time.

  • Technibond T538 – thin filmic perm-peel tape

T538 is a classic perm – peel thin tape, based on a clear polyester film. It is used for all manner of temporary fixing applcation with lightweight materials.

Please contact our sales department for samples and prices on 01628 642831.

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