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Film or Paper Liner? - All The Answers!

 One of the questions we are regularly asked in our sales office, is what exactly is the difference between a film liner and a paper liner? So we set out to answer that question.We think we are pretty much the experts on film liners. One of our original products, HSA, has always been supplied on a film liner as standard. We put our own film liners on products - we are probably the only converter in the UK doing this. And over half our double sided tapes are supplied on film liners. But they are not always the best option!


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New Orafol Double Sided Tape Promotion - Orafol AM2 Range Competes With Key 3M and Tesa Tapes

AM2 is Orafol's biggest selling solvent modified acrylic adhesive, and it represents a fantastic combination of tack and performance. High tack adhesives bond well to rough

surfaces and are easy to use, needing little pressure to form a good bond. Unfortunately, many high tack adhesives are quite low performance, with low shear strength and temperature resistance. Not so AM2, which is why Orafol use it so widely in their tape range.

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Technibond Will Be Exhibiting At The FIT Show in Telford - 12th - 14th April Stand 261

Our Involvement at the FIT Show in Telford

Technibond are major adhesive and sealant suppliers to door and window manufacturers and fitters, in the UK and abroad. Many of our customers are exhibiting at the FIT show. This year we are showing two ranges of products, the Hanno range of sealing products including expanding foams, and our own double sided bonding tapes.

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Commercial Vehicle Conspicuity Tape Offer - 10 rolls Reflexite VC104+ Rigid Grade at Just £54.70 per roll.

We are offering 10 rolls of our approved conspicuity tape, Reflexite VC104+, at the special low price of £54.70 per roll.


You can mix quantities of the three colours (white, yellow, red) in any combination to make up the 10 rolls.

Free delivery within the UK is included in this price.

Delivery is from stock. Orders before midday will be dispatched same day on 24 hour carrier

Multiples of 10 rolls only, please, as 10 rolls fits into an outer carton.

Great prices available on other grades too!

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Removable Techniflex and Other Removable Tapes

Our latest Techniflex is something completely different! It looks like clear Techniflex, it bonds strongly to most

materials - but on firm surfaces it can be removed cleanly. Most of our tapes, including other grades of Techniflex,

bond so strongly they are very difficult to remove if required.

Compared to Clear Techniflex, Techniflex PL uses a different adhesive that is more cohesive and more elastic.

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Mini Challenge for Adhesive Expertise

Mini Cooper

Vehicle design is constantly evolving, including pioneering the use of new materials. These can in turn require innovative thinking from adhesive technologists. This was illustrated by a new development to the BMW Mini, which required a high performance tape suitable for bonding a low surface energy moulding.

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Challenges on the Surface

The performance of an adhesive product, whether designed to create a permanent fix or to peel off easily like a Post-it™ note, will be strongly affected by the surface energy of the material to which it is being bonded.

High surface energy levels, found in traditional materials like metal, glass, wood and ceramics, makes them relatively easy for adhesives to deal with. However, many modern synthetic materials offer a much greater challenge because of their low surface energy characteristics.

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Technibond has Low Energy Taped

Two recently launched adhesive tapes from Technibond have been developed to provide high performance bonding with low surface energy materials.

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Print Finishing Tapes – Direct to the end user

Innovative, unmatched and multipurpose are just a few words to describe Technibond's successful range of print finishing and POS tapes – which, due to customer demand, are now available on next day delivery. We have supplied larger print finishers and distributors with our range of tapes for many years. Now we can offer the same products direct to all users. Not only can we deliver a cost effective solution we can offer also our specialized techniques and expertise to finding the right solution for any point of sale and print finishing application.

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431 Mysteries Revealed

It’s both permanent and temporary, high bond strength but removable, the thickest of our thin tapes and one of the most versatile products in our range. Find out more about 431 in our next newsletter...

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